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Hi! I’m Kasia, I'm 33 years old and I’m a mum of a cute girl. I was born in Poland and moved to Germany to study business more than 15 years ago. I speak fluently Polish, English and German, and with this website I would like to support all non-native German speakers living in Germany in a similar situation like myself – searching for an overview and/or a detailed explanation of things to be considered and/or done during pregnancy and shortly after childbirth, especially with regard to parental allowance.


First of all, congratulations on becoming a parent! It's a great journey and you've probably already realized that there are still quite some things that you would like to get sorted before your new bundle of joy arrives. German bureaucracy is not making it simple. It takes a lot of time to understand the legal framework and (what I personally find most disturbing) there is absolutely no transparency on what needs to be done, when, etc...well, I guess therefore you are here! I hope my website will help you with most of important topics on parental allowance (Elterngeld) in Germany.

Parental allowance tricks

Taking care of a child at home is more time-consuming than a full-time job, having two, even more…therefore, it’s good to know some things already in advance. Did you know that you can get as much parental allowance for the second child as for the first one, even though you don’t work part-time in between and the second child is born more than 15 months later? Get a premium access to my website and find out everything about the parental allowance trick as long as it’s legal.



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